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GAP Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Greater Atlanta Pathways and where did it come from?
    For many years parents of disabled individuals who are beyond school age have been organizing for the purpose of participating in Special Olympics competitions. This was originally supported through the school system but as we grew we became too large for the school program to handle. Gwinnett Masters Special Olympics was formed and operated for about four years. But we wanted to do more than just sports so we needed to be independent of Special Olympics. Therefore we had to have our own non-profit organization. Conveniently one of our board members was also president of an idle non-profit with a similar mission. So we went through the proper paperwork with the State of GA and the IRS to change the name and Greater Atlanta Pathways was born.  back to top

  • What is your mission?
    Our mission is to provide affordable sports, social and life skills activities to individuals with intellectual, developmental, or physical disabilities; and to strengthen our community by raising awareness of these populations.  back to top

  • Do you have age limits?
    Yes, especially with our sports program (see GMST FAQ). For other programs it depends on the program and the volunteers we are able to provide. In general, since there are many opportunities in the schools, most of our activities involve individuals who are out of school.  back to top

  • Are only individuals who live in Gwinnett County eligible?
    No, individuals in other counties may participate with us.  back to top

  • What is required for an individual to participate?
    The first step is a membership to Greater Atlanta Pathways (see Money section below).  back to top

  • What is required from a parent/caregiver?
    Commitment to your individual to guarantee he or she has a great experience. This primarily involves transportation. We encourage all people involved including siblings, friends, and grandparents, to participate as fans, and as volunteers for fundraising events. This program can be as great as you are willing to help make it be.  back to top

  • How do I know my individual is safe?
    A: All volunteers, coaches, chaperones, and board members must undergo a thorough background check once every two years. Many of our parents are trained nurses and other medical professionals and we try to have someone proficient in first aid available at all of our events.  back to top

  • What does GAP offer its members?
    Today GAP offers monthly social gatherings, a robust sports program (GMST), a series of information meetings for parents and caregivers, and insurance coverage. In addition, our partner, New Directions of Georgia, Inc provides an individual focused vocational, behavioral day program which offers support and services designed to meet each individual's needs.   back to top

  • What about future plans?
    In the future we plan to add a program or two each year, including job services training and education, therapeutic activities, arts programs, and advocacy programs. Some of these activities will be offered directly by GAP while others may be provided through partner organizations.  back to top

  • What does the Board do?
    Among other things, the board is responsible for: * Managing revenues and expenses * Meeting at least 4 times a year * Recruiting volunteers, individuals, and donors * Adding new programs * Raising community awareness * Fundraising * Distributing information  back to top

  • Who serves on the board and how do I contact them?
    See Boards on the main GAP page.   back to top

  • When does the board meet
    Board meetings are usually once each month and can be found on the calendar. All meetings are open. Anyone can attend. However since some meetings are dinner meetings, it's best to let a board member know a couple of days in advance if you would like to attend, especially if you wish to dine. The meeting schedule can be found on the GAP calendar.  back to top

  • I want to donate to a worthy charity but why should I pick GAP?
    GAP is an all-volunteer organization. 100% of your donation will go to help special needs individuals to achieve their dreams. GAP is local. You can see the fruits of your donation happening right in your backyard.
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  • Do you get money from local, state, or federal government?
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  • How can my business help GAP?
    Through donations, volunteers, sponsorships etc. Please contact Mary Womble:
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  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes, we can accept credit card payments. Please see our donations page or contact our treasurer for details.
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  • Is there a membership fee?
    Yes, this is an annual membership for Greater Atlanta Pathways that gives you access to all of our programs. The fee is currently $60. A lifetime membership fee of $600 may be chosen instead. This can be a good option, especially for those in danger of losing government benefits because they have amassed too much money. If you have already paid $60, you can upgrade to a lifetime membership by paying the difference.
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  • Who should I make a check out to?
    To Greater Atlanta Pathways or just "GAP". Checks can be mailed to: Greater Atlanta Pathways 220 Bayswater Dr. Suwanee, GA 30024
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